Dianabol: The Reliable Bodybuilding Steroid

A lot of things come and go but some things have proven that they can stay. This is certainly true with Dianabol which has been around since the 1960s. It was first developed in Germany but has quickly gained popularity in the US and everywhere else around the world. Its staying power lies in its simplicity and effectiveness. People who buy D-bol, as it is affectionately called, can have the confidence that the drug will help them achieve their goals. The dosages are well-known and the side effects are measured. It is also widely available especially online.

Delivery and Dosage

There are plenty of ways in which a person can take Dianabol but the usual way is to simply have them orally. It is available in tablet form with doses of 5 mg, 10 mg, and 50 mg. The half life is at hours. Careful dosage is necessary to avoid the side effects and ensure the safety of the person using it. Note that dianabol is only a brand name but the actual compound is called Methandrostenolone. It was first discovered by Ciba Specialty Chemicals. Its production has stopped long ago but the almost legendary name still lives on so we have dianabol for sale everywhere.

The Trusted Compound

The steroid market for body builders has evolved significantly since the 1960s yet people still flock to d-bol for sale every chance they get. Some people try other products with advanced cycles and new compounds but there is always a solid base who opt to buy dbol. It has gone down in price and being affordable makes it highly attractive especially to those who are trying steroids for the first time. They are especially pleased when they see that the drug actually works and that they don’t need to spend so much money to get the results they have always wanted in terms of mass.

Common Cycles

Most novices start with this drug before they explore other options. A first-time user can take this for 4 to 6 weeks with a daily allowance of 25 mg up to 30 mg per day. This amount should be enough to induce a satisfying outcome while managing the possible side effects. As they gain in experience and their body adapts to the compound, they can increase the dosage a little bit to enhance their results. Some are able to tolerate dosages of up to 70 mg every day. Just make sure that they is a solid base before attempting to ramp up on its use.

Side Effects

Before people buy Dianabol, they should be aware of the possible undesirable effects that this can have on their body. This is, after all, a potent anabolic steroid. It can mess with the hormones which has annoying outcomes. An example would be acne breakouts all over the face which can make one very conscious of his appearance. This can occur in conjunction with oily skin and the excessive growth of body hair. Note that these can be observable even if the dose taken is just 20 mg a day with the impact being more pronounced with a higher dosage.

Male pattern baldness has also been reported among those who are already susceptible to the condition such as men with a certain genetic disposition. It is almost as bad to their hairline as if they used testosterone. Estrogenic effects are also possible and fortunately they are ways to combat these when they appear. The use of selective estrogen modulators like Taximofen is typically recommended. Aside from these, people may notice that they are having increased water retention. In fact, this is largely responsible for the impressive initial weight gain. This will have to be lost after the cycle in the cutting phase.

Aside from these, remember that Dianabol is stressful to the liver. Taking too much can have toxic effects on the organ. This can be said to be by design as the compound is meant to be able to survive hepatic metabolism in order to increase its bioavailability. The problem is that liver function might become impaired. This is why the use of this oral steroid needs to be strictly monitored in terms of duration and dosage. Overexposure is detrimental to long-term health. Get Dbol for sale in exact quantities to enhance control.