Buy HGH / Human Growth Hormone – The Facts, Benefits, And Side Effects

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) was discovered during the 1920s. Scientists were able to isolate it in 1956, in the form of Somatotropin. The benefits that come with HGH are many. And even currently, new research is constantly revealing new uses. HGH is produced by the human anterior pituitary gland when it gets stimulated by the hypothalamus.

Today, you can buy HGH from most health stores or online. However, in some countries, HGH for sale is restricted; but generally, it is possible to easily buy Human Growth Hormone without too much trouble.

HGH Benefits

Human Growth Hormone for sale is widely available over the Internet. This particular hormone comes with several distinct advantages.

1. Therapeutic Benefits

Produced by the pituitary gland, the hormone spurs growth in small kids and adolescents. In addition, it assists in regulating the body’s composition, fluids, bone and muscle, fat and sugar metabolism,and possibly the functioning of the heart.  When produced synthetically, HGH is usually a very active ingredient in several prescription drugs plus other health related products.

2. Increases Muscle Mass

People working out regularly will normally witness a drastic muscle mass increase on the very first HGH cycle, and subsequent cycles bring moderate increases. Because, you can buy Human Growth Hormone easily, it pays to be fully conversant with how it affects muscle growth.

3. Fat Burning and Body Recovery

Recent research has indicated that HGH aids in the process of body fats metabolism and their conversion into energy sources. It enhances and promotes the synthesis of new protein tissues, needed during muscle repair or recovery. For those who want to burn fat, build muscle, and recover fast, HGH for sale is easily accessible.

Other benefits include:

There are lots of users who buy hgh as it improves their sleeping pattern. It has the effect of making less unintended awakenings, and it improves REM-stage sleep.

• Generates more energy

• May enhance sexual performance

• Builds stronger bones

• Boosts heart and kidneys quality plus duration.

Negative HGH Effects

Similar to anything that has benefits, this hormone too has several side effects, especially when you buy Human Growth Hormone from unregulated sources.

1. Water Retention

At HGH doses of 4IU and over, users frequently notice their fingers feeling a little swollen or the face looking a bit fuller. However, this is a temporary side effect and it disappears after about two weeks after discontinuing the cycle, or when you lower the HGH dosage. This is something worth remembering, especially when you get your supply from unregulated HGH for sale outlets.

2. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

This is the occasional feeling of having some “pins and needles” frequently observed by those people taking daily or higher doses of HGH. This is as a result of muscle mass pressure increase in the wrist, putting additional pressure on your carpal tunnel. These are temporary Human Growth Hormone side effects which disappear once you lower the dose or within 3 weeks after discontinuing the cycle.

3. Morning Aches

This is a similar feeling one experiences following a heavy gym workout on the next day. This may come in the form of slight pain in the muscles, joints, toes, and fingers. As you buy HGH and use it more often, these aches tend to disappear altogether.

4. Hypoglycaemia

In the phase of beginning or ending the hormone’s cycle, or when you are modifying the HGH dose, you may experience rapid blood sugar drops at any time. Typically, it comes in the form of a sudden “hunger attack” and it could last up to 2 weeks following the cycle end. Online HGH for sale stores may not always give you all the necessary guidelines, so be careful about the Hypoglycaemia effect.


HGH is a necessary factor if you are into some physical training, and during the period of recuperation. Knowing how to manage the way it gets released into your body may turn out to be the most important step toward optimizing your muscle mass gains.

It is therefore important that before you seek any HGH for sale outlet, you first acquaint yourself with all its benefits and side effects.