6 Celebrities Believed To Use Steroid Cycles

Steroids can enhance your body’s mass and strength while also improving performance. Perhaps nobody knows what a steroid cycle can do quite like these 6 celebrities who have been rumored to juice up…

Dr. Dre

Dre was not seen out and about very much prior to the MTV Video Awards… but, in all honesty, he really does not do a lot of showboating in front of the camera anyway. Who knows – maybe he got big all naturally and we never noticed because we never really see him. Either way, his pumped up appearance struck up steroid cycle rumors. He was even quoted as saying his 2 1/2 hour workout Monday thru Friday made him feel like he could “kick a brick wall”… it is safe to say he probably could. He has grown even larger since the rumors started flying that he was on steroid stacks, leading many to believe the rumors might just be true after all.

Sly Stallone

In the 80’s and 90’s, rumors were flying everywhere that Sly was taking steroid cycles and juicing it up big time. He vehemently denied those rumors even though both of his ex-wives claimed that he was on a steady usage of the body-enhancing drugs. However, in 2007, his wives would be proved basically 100% correct when he was caught with a whopping 48 vials of Human Growth Hormone in Sydney. It really comes as no surprise – Sly has probably made enough cash over the years to stay on the best steroid stack on the market for a lifetime – not that you should ever stay on steroids for a lifetime… but still.

Dwayne Johnson

This multi-million dollar actor got his start in football and then wrestling. He openly admitted that he and his friends were using steroids cycles in their late teens. Since he has gotten older, Dwayne sticks to the natural way of getting things done – hard work and dedication. He says nothing can beat getting in the gym daily and grinding.

Tyler Perry

This one is pretty crazy. Tyler Perry is in great shape but he is NOT ripped. However, that did not stop people from saying he was on the best steroid stacks money could buy – prescribed to him by a Florida chiropractor. See? We told you it was crazy. If you can manage to talk your chiropractor into prescribing you bodybuilding drugs… then you are probably also a wizard.

Charlie Sheen

He really did have tiger blood… he even admitted it. Charlie says that he went on a steroid stack during his making of Major League where he played pitcher “Wild Thing” Vaughan. This is what took his fastball from 79 t0 85 miles per hour. #Winning.


Another rap legend who got swole up in what seemed like over night. When it comes to probability… Timbo probably really was on the best steroid cycles available. He was linked to a doctor who was accused of illegally prescribing enhancing drugs.

From rappers to bi-winning phenomes, while most instances of steroid use cannot be proven outside the sports arena, the facts usually do not lie… and neither does the body. Using or not, these guys have taken excellent care of themselves and they should feel pretty darn proud for causing a stir – simply because they hulked out and LOOKED like they were on the best steroid cycle in Hollywood. True or false… keep grinding guys.